Global Love

Together we shall love our planet, our home. We shall nurture and take back our nature. We are creating the future we want to give our children.                                                          Let us be positive and joyful and loving.                                                                                      The time is now!


About energylady

Lia Strell is a native Southern California sculptor. Some might say her style is in the center between Art & Energy Work. As Lia is compelled to move metal in a flowing way she imagines combinations of positive thought while creating and projects a message into each one of her creations. "Through my art, I have discovered we are experiencing creative expansion. As the fabric unfolds and the veils are removed we are being lifted to new levels. In our mind we know this In our heart we can feel it".
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2 Responses to Global Love

  1. Amber Irwin says:

    I love it Lia, thanks for sharing!

  2. energylady says:

    Thank you! Just a simple solution. A Ribbon of Love wrapped around our home planet. So may re-learn to take care, perhaps in a different way.

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