Why Creative Healing?

As Creative Healers each of us become more responsible for ourselves and our planet. No longer can we remain uninformed. The more of us who create compassionately, the more we can offset the mess we are in. This is not politics. This is not religious. This is pure creativity. We are shaping our future. We need many flowers to bloom!


About energylady

Lia Strell is a native Southern California sculptor. Some might say her style is in the center between Art & Energy Work. As Lia is compelled to move metal in a flowing way she imagines combinations of positive thought while creating and projects a message into each one of her creations. "Through my art, I have discovered we are experiencing creative expansion. As the fabric unfolds and the veils are removed we are being lifted to new levels. In our mind we know this In our heart we can feel it".
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2 Responses to Why Creative Healing?

  1. Jean says:

    Thanks, Lia, I’ve posted it. Good luck with it. Share pictures, let us hear how it goes. Hugs, ~Jean

    • energylady says:

      Thank you Jean. We are sending our messages out to the far reaches. So when it comes back to us, we can continue to send these messages of compassionate creativity. Any community with many creators has a better chance of sustainability. We are transforming ourselves. We are connecting. Although more complicated, we can do it, one day at a time. We must do it for our children.

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