The Eagle Dance at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

Together we are on the bridge of Neo Traditional Creativity. This is our way of working with New Energy.

Together we are on the bridge of Neo Traditional Creativity. This is our way of working with New Energy.

Creative Healing in the Garden is about sharing new energy and creative solutions with healthy vital joyful choices. We are calling this Neo Traditional Community.

The Garden contains many answers to many challenging questions we have. Creative Healing is about re balancing our lifestyle, reconnecting with the soil, and being responsible to ourselves and our planet . We gather in the Ceremonial Garden to share, to experience and explore new creative healing ideas.

We are now being awakened to a “Nature Centric Movement,” Its about community building, peacemaking, reawakening the village model and giving back to the soil and soul. This path is based on Ancient wisdom combined with modern advances and solutions. This will help sustain resilience on a rapidly changing planet.

 “We each have a position in this open circle of light”

By participating in the Sacred Round Dance with Steven and Kat we are healing our connection to the earth and ourselves, as indigenous people have known all along. The Eagle Dance is a powerful Sacred Indigenous Healing Ceremony.


Kat Willcuts, Lia Strell, Steven Garcia

Steven Garcia is of the Tongva Native Tribe originally from Catalina Island.. His Grandfather raised him to be the bridge and to “share the energy of the ancestors”. Steven Garcia is the Eagle who dances for Global Peace and Earth Healing.

 “We all walk the same earth. We all breathe the same air. We all swim in the same waters. We see and feel the same. “It is time to listen with your heart as well as your ears. Keep your mind open, your spirit and body in tune”. It is so! Black Star Eyed Eagle, Steven Garcia 2015


About energylady

Lia Strell is a native Southern California sculptor. Some might say her style is in the center between Art & Energy Work. As Lia is compelled to move metal in a flowing way she imagines combinations of positive thought while creating and projects a message into each one of her creations. "Through my art, I have discovered we are experiencing creative expansion. As the fabric unfolds and the veils are removed we are being lifted to new levels. In our mind we know this In our heart we can feel it".
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